The History of PACE


historyPACE has been in existence officially since January 2003, although preliminary research began six months prior to this. It was registered as a company in February 2003 and as a charity in July 2003. Locally, we are well known for delivering quality projects.

Historically, our strength as an organisation lies in two specific areas – the character and commitment of the staff, from Trustees and Directors through to frontline key staff and volunteers, and the high quality services that we provide. One of our core values is that we are committed to excellence. Our reputation for delivering a comprehensive, professional service for whomever we serve has put us on the map both locally and further afield. As a result other organisations outside the local area are now seeking our help and recommending our services to others. A high proportion of our clients' lives have changed dramatically for the better, so much so that they are now volunteering their services to help others. We have always seen this as an important part of what we do - enabling and empowering people to make a positive contribution back to society. It's one way we measure success!