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PACE Money Skills is a project we run to help people get better at handling their money. We have developed the On Track Programme to achieve this.

On Track is a unique, personal money management and financial capability programme that encourages those participating to look at the real reasons behind their spending and take responsibility for their financial future.

The programme is specifically designed to help people see the real progress they are making and distance travelled on their finacial journey. There are a number of On Track courses, however the initial one lasts for five weeks. The course is user friendly, engaging and uses group discussions, DVDs, case studies and a range of resources to help anyone who wants to get to grips with their money. It also covers and investigates both practical and psychological issues as both must be addressed to create long lasting change.

Some of the practical issues On Track looks at include:

  • income and expediture
  • priority, non-priority and grey area debts
  • contacting creditors
  • making offers
  • creating a realistic budget
  • how to maximise income and minimise expenditure

When we are facing a difficult time financially our whole lives can be affected and the psychological issues that On Track covers include:

  • how being out of control with your money makes you feel and behave
  • what triggers a person to spend
  • the impact debt has on the relationships that are most important to us
  • the impact being stressed about money can have on other areas of our lives including mental and physical health

Since setting up PACE Advice - Enquire, education has been at the heart of the process of helping people. Phil Weaver, CEO of PACE, has developed this educational tool in money management which was birthed from his own experience of living with debt for some years. His passion was to produce an effective tool that really changes people's lives and gives them the tools needed to get out of debt and learn to manage money effectively.  

We were fortunate to receive funding from the Big Society to run our first pilot at the end of 2012 which was received extremely well and since then On Track has been run a number of times each year locally. We have also partnered with a national organisation to deliver the course at their centres around the UK.

There is no doubt that debt and worrying about money negatively impacts our lives, but, since running the course, we have had the privilege of seeing the dynamic impact of the material to change a person's habits. Individuals come away having genuinely learned to take more responsibility and feeling equipped to make quality changes. Here are a few comments from those who have attended:

OnTrack"I have learned that I do have a little problem with my comfort buying."

I've made new friends, I've learned I'm not on my own with my debt."

"I enjoyed exploring the deeper reasons for debt and it was a chance to address issues that lie buried.  I enjoyed the easy steps to explore complex ideas."

"Its helped me see that I am spending £45 - £57 a month over what I am getting and I need to act now so I don't get into a mess.  I hope I can help others, it's really helped me face up to things."

We will soon be releasing dates for Loughborough courses that will run up to the Summer, including evening courses for those who work. If you would like to be put on the waiting list or would like more information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On Track has an exciting future. We are developing the material for an On Track course that looks at what you do when you've actually got money. It asks questions like: how should you invest? what should you do about a pension?

We are also delighted to announce that there is a six week module for On Track Business which will particularly help you if you are about to start your own business or are already a small business owner. It covers issues including: foudations and principles, why businesses fail and business ethics.

If you are in debt or worrying about your financial future give us a call or email.  You are definetely not on your own and On Track is most definetely here to help you through.