Creativity plays a huge part in the life of PACE. We are very aware that we live in a creative and arts based culture, with so many talented people expressing themselves through music, film, theatre, dance, comedy, literature, design, the visual arts – the list is endless.

And at PACE we just love the arts; Shine is the name we give to our creative and performing arts events. Harnessing the amazing talents of many of our staff and volunteers, we work incredibly hard to use the gifts of the people who come our way. This might be through individual performances or special events including dance showcases, cabarets, banquet nights, pantomimes, open air performances, theatre and professional drama pieces and a plethora of other ways.

Mentoring and coaching people in developing their various talents is also very important to us. This can include vocal and instrument coaching, acting and drama lessons, and tuition in art and video editing.

Community arts are an important feature in the life of PACE. For example, in 2008 we initiated a world record attempt in Loughborough, the aim being to create the biggest community painting in the world. More than 2,000 people from the local area each painted an art board by numbers. When put together these produced an art piece which was over ninety metres long and seven metres high. Over the four weeks it was on display it was viewed by tens of thousands of people and received much media acclaim. And yes, we are proud to say we did break the world record! We held it for all of ten days before some folk in China produced an even bigger community painting and snatched the record from us. However, as a result of the Loughborough painting, Prince Charles invited our art director Terry Woods and CEO Phil Weaver to meet him at St James's Palace to talk about the project.

Creativity and the arts excite us and we are enthusiastic in pursuing and developing this aspect of our organisation in any way we can.